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The music, pyros, costumes, theatrics and attitude bring the Rammstein experience a little closer to home.

If you missed Rammstein on their recent sold-out 'MADE IN GERMANY' World Tour, then these guys are rapidly becoming the next best thing.


Craig 'Tëll' Telford - vocals

Richard 'K' Chlebo - guitar & backing vox

Ross 'das Kölönel' Shipley / Aaron French - guitar

John 'JD' Diver / Callum 'Flüke' Luker - synths

El gOre - bass & backing vox

Pete 'Pedrö' Croft - drüms

+ Latest News +


+ Our new guitarist Aaron French is to make his debut at The Moses Gate in Farnworth, Bolton on Saturday, May 26th. One of our fave venues, we hope you make him feel welcome! +


+ Good, solid gig at The Exchange in Keighley and so nice to see so many people come down. You guys rocked from the opening swell of Rammlied (the set opener), to the very last chord of Mein Herz Brennt (the set closer). Awesome sauce!!! +



+ We are very happy to announce that Aaron French is to take over Rosco's guitar duties after our Norwich gig. Massive thanks to Das Kölönel for his superb contribution these last two years and wish good luck with Memorium. +


+El gOre is doing this later in the year - toughmudder.co.uk more details to follow. + 

 + If you know a Rammstein friendly venue, please drop an email to info@morderstein.com and we'll do the rest! +



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